Day Spa Grooming


We offer a Full Service Day Spa with state of the Art Equipment and products. We feature the Hyrdo Serge Bathing System, which super cleans your pet by flushing out all the dead hair and skin as well as any debris in the coat. This is followed by a conditioning treatment and then a fluff dry. We will also accommodate any special request.

The Professional Pet Industry recommends your dog gets groomed on schedule:

Afghan 4-8 weeks
Airedale 6 weeks
Bedlington Terrier 4-6 weeks
Bichon Frise 4 weeks
Bouvier 8-10 weeks
Brittany Spaniel 8-12 weeks
Cairn Terrier 6-10 weeks
Cocker Spaniel 4-8 weeks
Collie 6 weeks
Dandie Dinmont Terrier 6-8 weeks


Irish Setter 8-10 weeks
Kerry Blue Terrier 4-8 weeks
Lakeland Terrier 6-8 weeks
Lhasa Apso 3-4 weeks
Maltese 4 weeks
Old English Sheepdog 4-6 weeks
Pekingese 6-12 weeks
Pomeranian 12-16 weeks
Poodle 4-6 weeks


Shnauzer-Miniture 6-8 weeks
  – Standard 8 weeks
  – Giant 10 weeks
Scottish Terrier 6-10 weeks
Shih Tzu 3-4 weeks
Silky Terrier 6-8 weeks
Skye Terrier 4-8 weeks
West Highland White Terrier 6-8 weeks
Wire Fox Terrier 6 weeks
Yorkshire Terrier 4 weeks

Have your pet groomed on a regular basis. Grooming eliminates tight matting that can lead to health problems and mats do become painful for your pet. Because we use conditioning shampoos, bathing regularly keeps the skin healthy and avoids many common skin problems.

Grooming Packages


The Basic Package consists of your pet receiving the following services: a bath, nail clipping, cleaning of their ears and a slow dry.


Grooming Prices

Prices vary depending on many different factors, size/breed, long/short hair, time needed on table, coat condition (overgrown), and extra time to groom a dog that is fearful of the grooming process.

Specific Grooming Services

Nails only: $18.oo includes trimming out bottom of pad and foot shaping.

Ears Only: $10.00- $18.00

Dental brushing: $10.00

Dental Scaling: $50.00+

Anal Glands: $10.00 – $15.00

Removal of Undercoat: Based on time, averaging $15.00- $30.00

Flea Treatment Shampoo (with natural ingredients, no chemicals): $15.00- $20.00

Medicated Shampoo: $15.00-$20.00

Advantix II (applied): $18.00- $22.00

Dematting: Based on time, averaging $15.00 – $30.00

TLC: Pets with high stress and anxiety levels take much longer to safely groom. Price averaging $20.00 – $30.00

Extra Charges

Extra Charges may apply for Pets that are NOT groomed Routinely (every 4-6 weeks). Heavily Soiled Coats, Matted Coats, Fleas and Ticks, Behavior problems, biters are just a few reasons for extra charges. These problems require much extra time and use of extra products to get our job done properly. Many times more, than doubling the time of the groom.

Returned Checks

Return Check Fee $45.00

Rates Effective starting January 01, 2013


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