Dog Lodging
Standard Lodging- $22.00 per day with checkout by 10:00 a.m.
Day Care- $25.00 per day Tuesday through Friday.
Medical Boarding- $30.00 per day plus additional charge for prescribed care.
Multiple Pet Discount For Dogs In The Same Room:
1st pet $22.00 per day
2nd pet $20.00 per day
3rd pet $18.00 per day
Boarding Cats
Standard Boarding- $20.00 per day
Monthly rates available for both Dogs & Cats

Additional Boarding Charges (that  may apply)


  • 1. Medical:
    Administering medications/ isolation of pet/ special needs i.e. aged pets, etc.
    2. Veterinary:
    If your pet needs medical assistance during boarding, all costs will be added to your bill.
    This includes all charges from the Veterinarian as well as additional charges from the resort.
    3. Special needs:
    This includes anything that would require the Resort to spend additional amounts of time/labor/or supplies to properly care for your pet.
    4. Special requests or Meal prep:
    This may include special meals or diet provisions other than our standard Pet Resort diet.
    Supplies and instructions provided by pet owner.

5. Pick up and Delivery:
Requesting the Resort to come to your home or specified location for transport of your pet..

6. Day Spa charges:
Sometimes the dogs ask to use our cell phone to text their owner. “All the other dogs are having their nails done today, can I have mine done too? And so, their pedicure is added to your bill. 10% discount on all spa services during resort stay.

Vaccine Requirements:

We require a signed health certificate for all Guests from their Vet.
Dogs must have proof of the following three vaccines with due dates given:

1. Rabies
2. Distemper
3. Bordettella (Kennel Cough)

Cats must have proof of the following two vaccines with due dates given:

1. Rabies
2. Distemper

We must have proof of VACCINATIONS by the time of check in.
Your records will be kept in your chart and filed at the Resort.
Please make a habit of sending us any updated vaccination records so we can keep your file up to date.
If you have any questions please let us know.


Rates Effective starting January 01, 2013


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